The Blue Uke #1

This nifty little instrument is our famous Blue Uke. The body is moulded from glass-reinforced resin with a lightweight aluminium coverplate. The body is painted in a durable, highgloss automotive finish.

See our collage of ukes for just some of the colours available. The choice is yours.

This ukulele is much lighter than a metal resonator uke, weighing 35% less. It has a simple mahogany neck and hardwood fingerboard.

Inside, the sound is created by our purpose-made ukulele resonator cone – the secret to our great sound.

This uke can be made with either a 14″ soprano scale neck or a 14 3/4″ concert scale and is supplied in a tailor-made gig bag.

The Blue Uke #2

A new styling of the first Blue Uke model. There is an asymmetric headstock shape to go with the asymmetric cutaway body. In sound there is little difference between the two models, just look and feel. Again, this model can be made in either soprano or concert scale lengths.

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The audio sample was recorded by the fabulous Phil Doleman. Below is one of Phil’s Youtube videos demonstrating the Blue Uke.