The Southerner guitar is available in 14 fret and 12 fret models, as well as a 12 fret cutaway (pictured below).

The 14 fret model offers greater fret access and has a correspondingly smaller body than the 12 fret model, while the 12 fret model has even more depth of sound with the sacrifice of the extra fret access.

The bodies of these guitars are moulded from glass reinforced resin and coated with an automotive paint finish. They feature a coverplate moulded from carbon fibre.

This material reduces weight even further and is stronger than metal. The coverplate sound holes are now more open to give even more power and response.

The resin construction started out as an idea for making a cheaper resonator guitar but has proved to have real sound advantages apart from the obvious weight advantages. Resin is such a dense and strong sound reflector that it loses very little energy in its own vibration, unlike metal or wood. It is the ultimate sound reflector that a resonator instrument should be. Into that body we put one of our own highly responsive resonator cones. The combination is very rich and powerful. The sound sample on this page is played on a 14 fret model.

Mahogany neck and hardwood fingerboard complete the instruments. You can have your choice of a flat headstock as shown or a slightly more expensive slotted headstock. Neck dimensions can be tailored to you needs.

Standard neck specs are for both models: Scale length 25in (635mm)
Neck width at nut 1 ¾ in (44mm)
String spacing at bridge 2 ¼in (58mm)

If the weight of a resonator instrument is important to you then compare the following figures. The average metal bodied single cone guitar weighs around 4 kgs (9lbs) or more. The Southerner guitars weigh in at 2.25 kgs (4.4lbs), not much more than a wooden acoustic guitar.

We are now producing an even lighter, smaller option – see the Highlife on the Electro page.


Southerner 12 string Variations

12 String


Southerner Cutaway Variations

Cutaway Southerner


Southerner Baritone Variations

Cutaway Southerner