The Beltona Pasifika guitar is a unique instrument – a single cone resonator guitar with an integral square neck, hollow all the way up to the nut.

Like all Beltona guitars, the Pasifika body is moulded in glass fibre-reinforced resin with a carbonfibre coverplate.  This houses a bisquit bridge and Beltona aluminium cone.
The fingerboard has markers for 24 frets covering a full 2 octaves unless a magnetic pickup is added at the base of the fingerboard resulting in the loss of the last few frets.

The Pasifika guitar produces a deep bass sound with bright trebles and an even balance of volumes across the strings.

The Pasifika model shown here has a fingerboard and headstock veneer of figured elm wood.  The fret markers are ebony and are finished flush with the fingerboard and laquered over.  These details can be changed according to customer wishes.