Beltona/Francis ukulele model

 Beltona/Francis  Collaboration Ukuleles Limited Edition of 7 These are a collaborative effort between Steve Evans of Beltona and Tony Francis of Tony Francis Instruments. For the last few years, Steve has been experimenting with, making and selling non-resonator ukuleles made from the fibreglass moulded back and sides that are used for Beltona resonator ukuleles with the…


Tiny Tim’s Ukulele Part 3

Tiny Tim’s Uke Part 3 Fortunately another customer came to our rescue:  Colin McCubbin, a collector and documenter of all things resophonic purchased the uke. His website is the  repository of wonderful pictures and information concerning National, Dobro and other resonator instruments of the past. I think that when he first saw our Beltona…


I have set up this blog to post pictures of instruments I have available for sale from stock.Also I would like to share pictures of new models or just interesting examples of my production of resonator guitars, ukuleles and mandolins.