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Beltona manufactures high quality, handmade resonator musical instruments. We build instruments to individual order allowing us to accommodate our customers’ requirements for custom paintwork, neck dimensions, setup and pickup installation. There are occasionally instruments available from stock. The instruments are a mixture of modern technology and traditional wood lutherie. The body is constructed from resin with glassfibre and carbonfibre and is the perfect amplifier for the Beltona aluminium resonator cone housed inside. Necks are hand carved from various woods in the traditional manner. Beltona originally produced metal-bodied instruments before developing their distinctive resin and carbonfibre models in the mid 1990s. These have proved so successful for reasons of sound, weight and strength that metal instruments were discontinued in 2002.


“Music will play a most important role in bringing about world oneness… Music transcends the barriers of nations, nationalities and religions.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Please visit our In Stock page for an overview of our current stock of ukeleles, guitars and mandolins.

Please email for our current prices and delivery times or call +64 29 04307627 to speak to Steve in person. Please use WhatsApp if outside New Zealand.