The Electro Resonator Guitar is a small, lightweight hollow-bodied instrument constructed from glass and carbonfibre.   This model replaces the metal electro-resonator guitar that Beltona first produced in 1995 and which was the world’s first hollow bodied, metal electro-resonator guitar.  The original design proved very popular with the combination of magnetic and piezo cone pickups and the new resin-bodied model has continued this trend with similar, updated electronics and a more lightweight body.

The small size of the body on this guitar belies its acoustic volume which is full, sweet and punchy.  It is amplified through a magnetic P90 pickup in the neck position with a piezo resonator pickup on the cone.  These combine to give a wide variety of amplified tones.  The pickups are wired together into an onboard preamp with a volume control for each pickup and a mono line out.  It is possible to fit either one of these pickups solely if preferred.

This Electro Resonator Guitar and the Hi-Life can be made in left-handed versions.


The Hi-Life Guitar

This is the Electro Resonator Guitar without the pickups.  A full size resonator cone and scale length, together with a robustly built, lightweight body make this instrument an excellent choice for someone looking for an acoustic resonator guitar which has a great sound, is a pleasure to play and can also be an easy travel companion.

Standard neck and body specifications for both models
Scale Length  25”  (635mm)
Neck width at nut   1 ¾” (44mm)
String spacing at bridge 2 ¼” (58mm)

Body depth      3” (76mm)
Body  length   17 ¼” (440mm)
Total length     37 ¾” (960mm)