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Beltona Southerner 14 fret Guitar

£1600 including gigbag and shipping within the UK


This guitar is an acoustic resonator instrument with 14 frets.

It has a charcoal and silver marbled paint finish.

It has hardwood fingerboard and Gotoh tuners.

A pickup can be fitted for an extra cost.

It is a light weight guitar with a loud and punchy sound.





Beltona Electro-resonator Guitar – This one is SOLD – contact to place an order

£1750 including gigbag and shipping within the UK



This guitar is an acoustic and an amplified resonator guitar all in one.

The body is small and Les Paul shaped and with the increased depth it makes a great acoustic sound.

For amplification, it has a P90 magnetic pickup in the neck position and a K&K piezo transducer in the biscuit.

The body is blue with silver edge stripe, rosewood headstock veneer, hardwood fingerboard, mahogany neck and Gotoh tuners.

Chrome pick up cover, knobs and tailpiece.









Beltona Concert #2 Ukulele

£885 including case and shipping within the UK


The neck is mahogany and the headstock veneer is Paua laminate.
The fingerboard is hardwood with Paua dots inlay.
The geared tuners are Gotoh UPT..
The body finish is a unique Paua paint design.